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Innovation Architecture

Innovation is a radical form of change that often goes unnoticed by the majority of the populace. When applied to architecture, it produces most interesting results that literally change the look of the world.

Innovation aims to improve existing practices by introducing new methods, tools, or materials. It can either challenge the existing working model, or reinforce it. Innovation consists of six separate areas that are closely connected. Every new technique or tool introduced in building and designing processes affects several or all of these areas. This means that an innovation can become successful only when it is managed wisely.

The areas of innovation are:

  1. 1. Procedure.
  2. This is innovation in business structures that changes the way companies operate. It can be major, which affects business as a whole; or minor, which changes team dynamics.

  3. 2. Process.
  4. Innovations in the process of production can relate to prefabrication, manufacturing, assembly techniques, and logistics. Introducing new technology to improve building production at any stage is the ultimate form of process innovation today.

  5. 3. People.
  6. This is a complex area of innovation that aims to bring out the best results from the team working on the project. It includes creating an inspiring environment (for example, Google offices), effective business management that provides workers with high levels of income and various incentives, and managing staff in order to maximize the efficiency of the team without compromising the quality of the product.

  7. 4. Program.
  8. This innovation relates to the time that is needed to complete a project. It aims to reduce this amount by increasing the efficiency of different parts of the building process. It is a costly area of innovation, because the tools and solutions that need to be introduced to succeed with it are often very expensive but cost efficient.

  9. 5. Price.
  10. It is very difficult to come up with innovations that will reduce the price of the building. This is why price often stands in the way of progress.

  11. 6. Product.
  12. The vast majority of people see this as the only area of innovation. It is displayed in the form of new designs, building types, assembly methods, and materials.

Although all areas of life are subjects to progress and innovation, people are often most reluctant to introduce these same changes in architecture. Special and creative projects move the entire industry in the right direction, but they are not enough to really change the field. People are set in their ways when it comes to building processes, and oppose changes that can increase the price of the final product. This is why architectural changes are slow. However they do exist, and gradually will reform this industry completely.

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