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Essay Writing Ideas From Experts

Basic Steps

Writing an essay can be done by remembering a few basic steps. The idea is to choose a topic, research it, and provide compelling details to proof the main idea behind the content.

Make An Outline

Create an outline that helps break up the writing process into smaller parts. Follow expert's steps that can help you learn the basic process for how to write an essay.

Essay Samples

Use our sample essays to get a general idea of what your content will look like upon completion. Use details to perfect your writing and make your essay more striking.

writing an introduction

There are a number of ways to learn how to write an introduction for an essay but the best piece of advice in helping you create the ideal introduction is to understand the function of the introduction. It exists to introduce the reader to the topic. Imagine it is like one person introducing two people who do not know each other. You, the writer, have created an essay. The reader of the essay, possibly your tutor or professor, has not seen this piece of prose beforehand. It is all new to them. You are the one conducting the introduction.

So you use your introduction as a way of introducing the reader to your essay. This is how to start an essay. You want it to be a smooth and effective introduction. You want the reader to feel glad that they have begun the task of reading your essay. And the way to make the reader feel comfortable and to look forward to getting to know their new ‘friend’ is to create an excellent introduction. So how can you achieve that goal?

This very important sentence is located in the introduction of your essay, probably the second or third sentence. You need to make the thesis statement interesting, strong and provable. Your thesis statement is the point or argument you intend to prove throughout your essay. Now think about this for a moment. If your thesis statement is not strong, is not definite, you will find it difficult to make a case to say that it is correct.

By having a strong thesis statement you are able to develop an argument and list a variety of points which substantiate your argument. You will be like a lawyer in a case in which you have plenty of powerful ammunition. And all of this is part of your introduction to your essay. College essay writing service order college essay online from 100+ professional writers.

First sentence a winner

There is a saying that ‘you don't get a second chance to make a first impression’. When you think about it, that saying is perfectly true. So bearing that in mind make sure your opening sentence is a winner. Make it powerful. Think carefully about this opening sentence. You want to capture the attention of the reader. You want to make them keen to continue to read. But at the same time you need to give them information. You need to tell them, in a nutshell, what your essay is all about. But remember that less is more and your essay is not contained within your introduction. Set up what is to come later by writing an intriguing introduction.

So having introduced your reader to your essay, you now explain as briefly as possible what is to follow. If you like, your introduction is a trailer or a teaser to a movie. And is a great way in learning how to write an introduction to an essay.

If you want to know how to how to write an introduction for an essay then the answer is very simple -- with a bang. This is your hook, your pitch to the customer. This is the time and the place where you put down a marker. You have a good topic and have conducted thorough research. As a result, you have written a first-class essay and you establish that fact from the very beginning as you write the introduction.

Think of your essay as a journey. The further it goes, the more interesting it becomes. But to get the journey started safely and well, you need a concise and powerful introduction. You plan every part of your essay and your introduction is no exception.

Online Resources

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