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How To Write A Process Essay In A Few Easy Steps

In some ways the process essay is the easiest essay to write. Of course any essay is easy if you like the topic, have some knowledge about it or really want to tackle this topic. But when it comes to a process essay, the content almost creates itself. You have to describe a process. It might be how to make something or how to learn something or how to do something. There is a process to almost everything we do.

There is a saying in the world of education that ‘you should start from the known and proceed to the unknown’. If you bear this saying in mind when you are creating a process essay, it is pretty hard to go wrong. Start from the absolute beginning. Do not assume that the reader knows what you know. Be crystal clear in explaining the various steps. And always seek feedback when you finish your process essay. The ideal person to give feedback is somebody who doesn't know the various tasks you are describing. Do they have any questions? Are they not clear about something? Valuable feedback like that can help you revise your process essay and get an even higher score.

Simple steps in writing a process essay

  • Choose a process you want to write about.
  • Draw up two lists -- materials and instructions.
  • Place items in order of priority.

As stated before if you choose a process you are excited about, you are likely to write well than someone who has chosen a topic which they find boring. Now you have your process to write about, you need to make two lists. The first is headed materials and the second instructions. These headings are self-explanatory. Let's assume you are writing about the process of making a cake. The materials you need are easy to list and will obviously include the ingredients. The instructions are also straightforward.

But now we come to an important step in the creation of a process essay, the order of priority of the instructions. If the first thing the person needs to do is pre-heat the oven then that instruction will be at the top of the list. It's pointless having the person do all of the cake preparation and then place the un-baked cake in a cold oven.

If you follow the steps as listed above and the recommendations about the choice of topic, you're well on the way to writing a process essay which is easy to understand and hopefully will get you a high score.

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