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Choosing a Proper Format for Your Essay

Sometimes it can be hard for any student to choose a proper format for his or her essay. Of course, it’s better to follow the given instructions, but sometimes they provide too general information. With some few good tips in your mind it will be easier for you to write an essay in an appropriate format:

  1. 1. Read the instructions carefully.
  2. The most important part of choosing a format for your essay is reading the given instructions and following them strictly. They contain all the necessary information about the required length, structure, style and possible topics of your paper. You will definitely make a mistake if you decide to write more or less than it’s needed. The length requirements are given in order to check whether you can reveal your thoughts, views and arguments briefly or broadly.

  3. 2. Formatting.
  4. If you write an academic paper, it’s better to use 11 or 12 font size and a plain, classic typeface. Using a trendy or script font looks unprofessional. To ease reading you can skip lines between the paragraphs and add subheadings if necessary. Print your essay in two or more pages if it’s needed. Don’t forget to write your name not only on the first page, but on the following one and staple them together. If you want your essay to be easy to read, print it on a white and clean sheet of paper.

  5. 3. Choosing an appropriate style.
  6. Choosing a style depends on the topic of your essay. There are descriptive, comparison, argumentative, analyses and other types of academic papers and it’s always important to write appropriate words for each of them.

  7. 4. Define the audience.
  8. The audience and the purpose of your essay determine the format too. For example, if you write a serious academic paper tuned for lecturers, you should strictly follow the instructions, adhere to a certain structure and write it in an appropriate style. If you write for some other audience, you should make appropriate changes to the structure and language of your paper to make it easier for new audience to read and understand it.

  9. 5. Let your teachers and family members review your essay.
  10. It never hurts to get a fresh look of several persons on your paper. Your teachers and family members can not only tell you about their first impressions of your essay and its style, but also will help you find grammar and spelling errors and correct them. This method will make you sure that you chose appropriate format and style of your paper.

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