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Flare Fragrances

Situational Analysis

  • Company: Flare Fragrance was established in 1955 as a small manufacturer of women’s perfume. They have grown into the No. 4 player in the U.S. women’s fragrances market. Flare’s sales, as of 2007, 93% came from one of their six top row fragrances. The company utilized department store channels and includes products such as shower gels and soaps.
  • Competitor: The Dulcet brand is launching at the same time as Flare Fragrance’s new promotion. There is high competition in the fragrance market with all the celebrity released fragrances and existing fragrance companies. New fragrances migrate to the market quickly, and they spend more money in advertising their new product release than Flare Fragrance.
  • Collaborator: The company’s collaborators directly each other for creating new ideas as well as increasing the potential for gain and new business opportunities for Flare Fragrances.
  • Agencies: The agencies would include the stores that they sell their products through. These are vast, however they include yet are not limited to Saks, Macys, Kohls, and Walgreens. The advertising agencies will include the name Savvy for a women’s fragrance is seen as stylish, upbeat, and classy. Packaging would be expected to reflect the modern quality of the name.
  • Suppliers: This includes the considerations of using manufacturers, merchants, wholesalers, importers and exporters, franchisors, independent crafts people and drop shippers.
  • Partners: would be to link the brands so the consumers know the expansion of products the company sells.
  • Climate: The current climate focuses on three main areas. Premium stores, pharmacies, and discount stores.

General consumer dynamics:

    • Age 18–34 consumer dynamics includes:
    • Highly brand-aware with sensitivity to premium and prestige branding
    • Prefer images of elegance and exclusivity
    • Word of mouth is influential
    • High willingness to try a new scent

    • Age 35–64 customer dynamics includes:
    • Luxury fragrance brands are most popular with this age group
    • Highest likelihood to use/buy perfume among all age groups
    • Interest in classic fragrances
    • More likely to be loyal to a favorite signature scent
    • Very familiar with Loveliest as a fragrance they have known since their youth

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