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Top 10 Argumentative Essay Topics Worth Writing About

Do you need good argumentative topics? The best advice is to write about something that you know about previously. Here are some tips on writing good topics for argumentative essay:

  • Choose a topic that is familiar to everyone
  • People should have different opinions on the topic
  • It is more interesting if it is prompt that hasn’t been answered yet
  • Choose interesting topic that you are interested in

    Recycling and environmental topics

  1. Can promotion of eco-tourism help in protection of wild animals?
  2. This is one of the good argumentative topics for essay because it hasn’t been answered yet and there are many arguments you may think of.

  3. How can the Government regulate the oil drilling in ocean waters?
  4. One of the very interesting argumentative paper topics of environmental concerns and you can think of several good arguments to talk about. Government has lots of options to regulate oil spills in ocean waters.

  5. The danger of living in big cities with high pollution
  6. Pollution is dangerous for the general health and it should be addressed immediately. You can talk about health issues that arise due to pollution and people’s habits in polluted cities.

    Topics on family and relationships

  7. Is it good to treat your pet as a family member?
  8. An original topic that has lots of arguments and it hasn’t been discussed before a lot.

  9. The impact of technology on family life
  10. This is modern and interesting topic. People will find it interesting to read. However, you have to think of some good arguments and thesis to defend.

  11. Should gay couples be allowed to adopt children?
  12. This is miscellaneous topic and everyone has different argument and opinion.

  13. Are older parents better parents?
  14. This is a topic that offers lots of opinions and arguments, from health view and social view. Try elaborating the best ones.

    Topics in technology

  15. Technology, medicine and their relationship
  16. You can write a lot on this topic. There is a relation between these two and they are closely related. People have lots of opinions about it.

  17. People are becoming more and more dependent on technology
  18. Modern life dictates this and people are not immune to technology. It is part of our everyday lives. You will think of good arguments about this topic for sure.

  19. Should parents prohibit violent video games to their children?
  20. Every family faces this problem. Video games even cause behavior problems.

No matter what essay topic you choose, even if it not from this list, just stay away from topics that are previously discussed by many, such as abortion, death penalty, control of armed people, etc.

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