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Controversial Essay Topics to Make the Reader Think

From elementary school to doctoral programs, students have to write numerous essays throughout their lives. One of the most challenging essays to write is known as the controversial essay. This type of essay focuses on a controversial topic that the student feels strongly about. As the student writes, they have to convince the reader of their own point of view. For students that cannot figure out a topic for their paper, consider some of the following paper ideas.

Nuclear Power

In the field of nuclear energy, power and weapons, there are many topics available that students could argue. They could discuss if bombing Japan was the right idea or if nuclear power is actually a safe energy source. Additionally, topics could argue who is responsible for the Chernobyl disaster or if all nuclear weapons should be destroyed. In the field of energy, arguments could be made justifying each source of energy as the right one for the future.

Human Rights

There are many topics in the field of human rights that could be debated by students. From gay marriage to limitations on free speech, these topics have been argued for decades. Students could find essay topics within fields like homosexual adoption rights and the relevancy of unions in the modern world. A case could also be made that shows the decrease of human rights and civil liberties in the United States over the last 20 years.

Drugs and Legal Approaches

In the last few years, the growing acceptance of medical and recreational marijuana has led to a national debate on the legality of this drug. Students could discuss the medical benefits or drawbacks of marijuana in their essay as well as the repercussions of legalizing it. Other controversial topics in the legal realm like genetic cloning, immigration and abortion are also common topics for essays.

Additional Essay Ideas:

  • Does the pharmaceutical industry help or hurt America?
  • Is time travel possible in the real world?
  • Are psychics and faith healers frauds or legitimate?
  • Does folk medicine actually work to treat human ailments?
  • Are electronic chips and GPS positive changes for society or do they indicate increased control by the state?
  • Is democracy actually the best type of government?
  • Are single sex schools positive or negative for student development?
  • Should men be allowed to have paternity leave like mothers have maternity leave?
  • Is it safe or dangerous to have a home birth in modern times?

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