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I Need Help Writing A Paper: Who Can Assist You

Papers can be tough. Fortunately for anyone who has ever had to write one, help can come in several different forms. The following list presents a few places you can check out when you run into trouble constructing your paper.

  • The person who assigned it
  • Granted, there are some teachers who are basically ogres in disguise and too unapproachable to even consider asking. If you happen to have one of these, feel free to skip to the rest of the list. If not, the first person you should ask about what’s needed in the assignment and how it should be approached should be the teacher who will correct it. Everyone looks for something a little different in a paper. That’s why two teachers can look at the same assignment and grade it differently. When you go straight to the source you increase your chances of hitting all the right notes in your paper and getting an excellent grade.

  • Other people in your class
  • If you’re the pro-active sort, you may have started a study group not long after joining the class. That’s commendable and means you already have a trusted pool of people who can help you when you’re confused. If not, you can still benefit from the assistance of your peers. You need only ask around. There will be some people who see you as an academic parasite in this event but if you keep asking, you will probably come across some people who don’t mind giving you tips on writing.

  • Other people who were successful in the class previously
  • Just like asking people who you take the class with can be helpful, asking people who took the class a couple years or semesters ahead of you can also be useful. Added to this, they would have writing samples in the required format that you can peruse. Those writing samples may even have corrections that give you insight into the way the lecturer thinks.

  • Well written books on writing
  • If you can’t find actual people to help you, don’t despair. Many books exist that chronicle the writing process in detail and can help you perfect your style in solitude.

Writing papers is just part of the learning process but it can’t be neglected. Go bravely into academic writing knowing you have all the resources you need to achieve mastery.

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