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How To Perfect Your Essay Editing And Proofreading Skills?

Writing is a process that certainly involves composing and re-composing to draft your piece into its final form. In truth, there is no rule in terms of how many drafts are necessary. Some students might think that they only require composing a single draft of the writing task, revise the errors they find and finally submit this to the teacher. The actual editing and proofreading process involves working through several drafts prior you can come up with the best possible finished product.

Be reminded about the sole purpose of your writing and for whom are you actually writing. It is imperative to ensure that you are able to clearly communicate your main points to your reader. Hence, when working on a writing task, it is fundamental to ask yourself what insight and understanding the composition has been created to evaluate. Afterwards, consider asking yourself how well you have prospered in demonstrating that insight; is the content relevant and precise, does your piece cover all the primary perspectives and if the composition is in sufficient depth.

Here are some techniques in editing and proofreading your essay:

  • You have to focus when you need to spot some errors in your work. Get rid of anything that may distract you from working effectively.
  • It is helpful to print out a copy of your work when revising. This way, it will be a lot easier and clearer for you to spot what needs to be fixed.
  • Pay attention to homonyms. These refer to the words which share the same pronunciation or spelling but come with different meanings. Make sure that you used the right words in your writing so as not confuse your readers.
  • Students and even some professional writers usually mix some terms such as it’s and its, they’re and their, you’re and your and the like. It is imperative to pay attention to apostrophes and contractions. Take note that apostrophes are not used to form plurals. These are common and simple mistakes yet they can damage your credibility as a writer.
  • Always check your punctuations. While it is a reality that focusing on the terms you use is a good thing, keep in mind that you must also not ignore the way your punctuations are used. Check the words which need to be capitalized, pay attention to extra or missing periods and commas which are used improperly.
  • After you have finished checking your work, it is helpful to ask someone else to check your work. Sometimes, even though you have checked the composition yourself, there are still some errors which you have
  • unintentionally missed. So, if there’s another person preferably your advisor, a teacher or a good writer to check it for you, you can be assured that your work will have little to no mistakes at all.

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