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A List Of Essay Topics For The Odyssey That Are Easy To Write On

If you are having trouble coming up with an essay topic for the Odyssey, here is a solid list of good topics that you can write your paper on. This list will show generalized topics to discuss along with some more in depth questions that can also be answered in the same essay so that you can use them to develop your essay further if needed.

The concept behind choosing the right topic for your essay when dealing with a novel is to find a topic where you can answer parts of the question initially without having to go back to reading the book over again. It is easy if you can remember where in the book you remember hearing about the answers to the questions so that you can easily find that section and reread it.

  1. 1. What role did family play in the novel? You can touch on the father and son relationships and the various characteristics that represented their values. You can also discuss the difference in the relationships between the various father and son pairs in the novel.
  2. 2. What was the role of the women in the novel? How were the women portrayed by the author?
  3. 3. How are magical aspects of Odysseus’s journey portrayed by the author? How are the various elements deepened through his words? For example, how does he make the monsters more ferocious?
  4. 4. How does the novel portray the idea of a cunning man being more powerful than a strong man?

Other aspects that you may want to write about are the various themes that are represented in the novel or the various symbols that are used throughout. These elements are always great for essay writing. There are many themes in this novel that you can write about. You may also discuss the characters and how they are similar or different. That is one way to show your understanding of the novel. It will only work however, if you get deeper than appearance.

There are many topics to discuss about this novel. If you are still struggling to find one that interests you, maybe you can concentrate more on what these different Gods and characters meant to the people in the time the book was written or discuss how it relates to a concept in your personal life. Write about how it affected you.

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