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5 tips on how to write persuasive essays better

Writing persuasive essays always seems so much more challenging because students assume it is a particular type of writing they have never done. In actuality every piece of academic writing is a form of persuasive writing. Every paper you write serves the purpose of persuading the reader that your choice is better or that your side in a discussion is the correct side or that you have contributed new research to your field. So knowing this how can you write persuasive essays better? By following these 5tips…

  • Tip #1:
  • Pick your topic. The topic is what you will be arguing or more to the point it is what your essay is meant to persuade. If the topic is to evaluate a certain author that means your essay should persuade the reader about some aspect of the author. Perhaps you are persuading the readers that the author was bad or that his blindness influenced his view of the world. Perhaps your topic is to write about what makes you an ideal candidate for your course or why you are part of a certain club or why others should join that club. Maybe it is something more controversial.

  • Tip #2:
  • Brainstorm. Jot down some notes you have about your topic. If you have the freedom to pick your topic then jot down notes regarding the topics you like. Find something that is close to your heart and something about which you have had to persuade friends or family in the past. This will make your research exponentially easier.

  • Tip #3:
  • <Give yourself some time to plan. Proper planning of your essay will go a long way in alleviating stress down the road and will certainly save you time having to proofread right before a deadline. You should plan your paper by writing an outline. The outline is where you bring your notes and brainstorming efforts together in a short and concise manner. You can create an outline that is sentence based and has one sentence for every paragraph you will be writing or you can write an outline that is topic based and uses keywords and quick phrases.

  • Tip #4:
  • Do proper research. This means not letting it wait until the last minute. Use all of the resources you have at your disposal before you start writing.

  • Tip #5:
  • When you are done writing your first draft you should take a break for at least one day. Put some space between you and the draft and do not return to proofread and edit until at least one day has passed.

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