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Winning Topics For Your Cause And Effect Essay

As suggested by the name, a cause and effect essay will deal with what causes certain events or things to happen, and what the subsequent outcome (or effect) is. These types of essays can generally be presented in three different ways.

If you choose to organize your essay according to a time line, we would consider this essay to be presented in a chronological order. Alternatively, you may decide that your topic will be more effectively understood if you break it down into different categories. This categorical approach suits many cause and effect essay topics well. Finally, you could arrange your essay to start with the most important events or points to be covered, and work your way down to those of lesser significance.

What you need to do first, is to decide on a winning topic for your essay. Here are some suggestions for where you may want to start:

  1. 1. Important Historical Events
  2. It could be a war, or the signing of a peace treaty, but history is filled with excellent topics for your cause and effect essay. What caused the uprisings of the “Arab Spring”? How has this changed the status of women in the Middle East? Or perhaps you feel it has had no meaningful or lasting effect on womens lives or rights in that part of the world. Either position could be argued in a cause and effect essay.

    What brought stability and relative peace to Northern Ireland? Have there been any political or economic effects? What are they?

  3. 2. Advances In Technology
  4. Technology in today's world changes at the speed of light, and the effects on our lives immeasurable. What caused the development of the personal computer, or the mobile phone or the internet? What were the effects on business, politics, or our personal relationships?

  5. 3. Relationships (General And Specific)
  6. Does growing up in a household where both parents work have any effects on the children? Are they positive, negative or negligible? What effect does having children have (if any) on the productivity a new mother or father at their job?

    Anything to do with the Royal Family is going to grab a reader's attention! What was the greatest effect on Prince Charles of growing up calling Her Majesty, “Mummy”? Did Princess Diana's relationship with Dodi Fayed have any effects on other relationships at Buckingham Palace?

  7. 4. Scientific Discoveries
  8. There is a potential vaccine being developed for the ebola virus. What might the effects of this be on aid workers? Constant advances in medicine and medical technologies mean more people are living longer and more babies are surviving in the world's less developed countries. What will be the effects on climate change and resource depletion?

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