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Keeping Original Healthcare

Healthcare is the primary most potent factor responsible for maintaining public health and safety. It is the most significant part of an economy and contributes to its growth and productivity. Immense capital is poured in, by leading countries all over the world to ensure its quality and efficiency. Healthcare systems can be broadly divided and studied under four distinctive units and patterns. The first one, which is primary healthcare, is limited to the diagnosis and treatment of minor physical ailments. These are practised and come under the domain of general physicians and practitioners. The secondary healthcare services are provided by specialists and medical professionals who diagnose brief but acute physical conditions, such as childbirth, intensive care, and injury, among others. Tertiary healthcare refers to the management and diagnosis of complex physical and mental disorders, which mainly require patients to be hospitalised for a prolonged and comprehensive treatment. Quaternary healthcare is only an extension of tertiary healthcare and is familiar to the organisation and execution of highly specialized and sometimes experimental medicinal and surgical procedures. This healthcare system and its services are often limited to certain regional and national healthcare centres. Overall, all these healthcare systems help us to understand the value and efficacy of healthcare in our society.

Coming to the question of original healthcare, it is interesting to note that the first prevention and safety measures come from the organised efforts of a community. In order to attain the desired goals, the principles must first be indoctrinated within the family at the grass-root level, healthy lifestyle, eating habits, proper knowledge and awareness play a significant role in monitoring, facilitating and inspiring quality healthcare. Community healthcare also plays a pivotal part in stemming infectious and physically contractible diseases, thereby improving health and sustainability at the fundamental level. Regular health check-ups, food surveillance, distribution of exchangeable needles and condoms for prevention of sexually transmissible diseases help in assisting and protecting people in the long run. But healthcare begins at the primary level with effective education, monitoring and as far as possible containing human disorders, which is directly equivalent to human safety.

Keeping in mind the importance of healthcare, the Obama administration in 2010 passed the Affordable Care Act or ObamaCare, which entitled the citizens of U.S. to a large number of benefits, rights and options, with regard to affordable and quality healthcare services, insurances and many more. The WHO an eminent organisation, which values human life and its progeny works day and night to ensure health and sustenance of people around the world. One recent example is its remarkable contribution in effectively containing the malicious ‘ebola’. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Swach Bharat Abbhyan is another big leap in the movement of healthcare. But original healthcare begins at home, as is said “a stitch in time saves nine”. One needs to be properly aware of health, habits, hygiene and health hazards, prerogative to public interest and safety.

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