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Interesting Ideas For Your Opinion Essay On Globalization

Globalization is the mixing and interchanges across the globe which impacts and helps form innovation, world opinion, new ideas, and other parts of culture such as entertainment, art, politics, economy, and language. An opinion paper is one that takes a stand and then supports that stand.

The subject of globalization could be studied in history, civics, ESOL, language, literature, economics, and sociology to name just a few classes. The bottom line with the subject is that it has made our world smaller and more diverse. If you have been assigned an essay on the topic, use our interesting ideas for your opinion piece.

Interesting Ideas for the Opinion Essay

  • Hot topics -if you can approach one of the hot and emotional topics like a professional, you might want to select one of these interesting choices. Some of the trending and hot topics are ISIS and its recruitment reach and Mexico and Trump’s opinions on immigration.
  • Sweat Shops of modern times -If you are interested in manufacturing and outsourcing, you might want to look at the big participants in this act, such as the United States. You could explore countries that send out work to third world countries in order to get a break on the cost.
  • Food -it sounds weird, but our dinner plates and restaurant selection have become more diverse due to the metaphorical shrinking of our world. This trend has literally changed our choices for dinnertime. Explore this unique and informative topic.
  • Languages barriers broken -the idea that a city or a state might have signs and messages posted in two different languages bothers a lot of people. For example, in America, English is the national language, but if you look at pockets in Miami, you will see Spanish signs, or if you look at Chinatown, you will see Mandarin signs. Is this barrier that has been broken a good thing or a bad move?
  • Views and morals -has our shrinking world made us more likely to meddle in other country’s affairs or has it made us more of humanitarians? For example, does our protest against child-brides save young girls, or does it cause us to mess with a tradition of a group? This is a hot and emotional topic, so know your facts.
  • Travel -we can hop on a plane and go wherever we want. This has made us able to learn more, see more, and know more about the world around us. You no longer have a limited amount of vacation spots that you can drive to with the family, you can now go anywhere you wish.

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