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We are all driven by personal and others’ opinions. It maybe a celebrity; a sportsman or a politician; we like to hold discussions on whether he holds enough water or not. What gives this a crust is difference of opinion.

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Should Juveniles be punished for the crimes they commit?

‘For long, it has been discussed that Juveniles, especially those who have reached an age where they can see reason (16+) should not be released scot free when they have committed a crime of a heinous nature. It is preposterous to assume that they do not understand the complicity of their act.

However, we cannot altogether erode and uproot the fabric of legislation and judiciary. The acts and laws are not passed by whims, but after several quality checks. Several cases and their decisions have shaped that Juveniles might not be aware of the repercussions or rudeness of the acts they might perpetrate. They may also be under severe mental stress or pressurized to cooperate.

Often, there are cases of Juveniles hero-worshipping an adult, which sways their mind as the adult commits a crime. Juveniles, at any rate, should get the benefit of doubt as their experience in life is quite little and they don’t have practical reference points.

For instance, adults teach kids and adolescents not to cheat, tell lie or prevaricate. Yet, the same adults indulge in these acts in normal passage of day-to-day activities. This tends to confuse certain Juveniles; the effect does get reinforced by a choking environment and heredity.

You need to add the fact that Juveniles, in general, are no exposed to too much money and when they suddenly get to sniff decent money for an act that doesn’t corrode on their moral values, they don’t demur. It thus falls on the actual status of rearing.

I feel that laws and acts should not be changed for exceptional aberrations. They are kids and should be treated with some leverage. It is much like pardoning a newcomer in an office for a mistake. He is new to the scene and will learn in time.

Yes, they should be sent to rehabilitation centers where quality work ought to be done on their way of thinking so they turn out for the better.’

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