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Why Do People Overeat?

Overeating is not synonymous to eating a lot of food. It means consuming more calories than you burn or your body would ever need. Therefore, when a person who lives a sedentary life consumes the same amount of food as a body builder in a day, then the former will be overeating. Overeating contributes to the greatest percentage of obesity and overweight cases. It has been observed that the people who overeat usually do so because of a number of reasons. The first reason is the development of a habit. A habit of overeating can be influenced by peers or family members. When growing up, people tend to take after their elder siblings and parents. Therefore, if they find that these people are overeating, then they will also take after them. Similarly, a passion for a certain food can contribute to the habit of overeating. Such a person barely gets enough of that food.

Calories and Overeating

Another reason that can make a person overeat is a person’s ignorance of his or her right intake of calories. Even with being an athlete or taking part in an aerobics class, a person could overeat as well. This happens when a person does not know how much he or she burns during a physical exercise. In addition, the person is not aware of the level of calories in different beverages and drinks. Therefore, a person might leave the gym then eat a favourite cake with a certain carbonated drink. Such a ‘meal’ is likely to contain at least twice the amount of calories the person has burned during a physical exercise. Therefore, the person will have effectively overeaten.

Hormonal Reasons for Overeating

When people are feeling low or unhappy, they might choose to take certain foods in order to lift their spirits. This is not just a myth but it is scientifically proven that some foods such as chocolate bars stimulate the body to produce hormones that make someone happy. Therefore, if a person undergoes such situations a number of times in a week, the person might end up consuming more calories than needed. In other words, the person ends up overeating. In other cases, a person could overeat simply because of consuming his food too fast. This could be because one is quite hungry or in a hurry. In such a situation, the brain fails to send a signal of being full and hence the person ends up eating more than necessary.

Well, it is good to note that overeating is a condition that can be remedied through simple steps for each of the reasons.

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