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What Is Not A Good Way To Organize An Illustration Essay?

When we see the word illustration, our minds usually gravitate towards fun pictures and drawings, but when referring to an illustration essay, it’s the exact opposite. The point of a project like this is to use descriptive examples to help get your point across to the reader. Here are some tips on what to avoid when organizing an illustration essay.

  • Being vague. The whole point of the assignment is to include detailed examples to help get your point across. Using a vague, not detailed example is something you want to avoid; it will only confuse your reader.
  • Make sure your examples come from a reliable source. Something like Wikipedia won’t cut it because those are everyday people typing onto that page and not an expert. You need to make sure the examples you are using are true because using a wrong example will automatically cause you to fail.
  • Don’t bombard the reader with example after example. Give your examples some space, explain your examples in detail, which did you get this from. Letting the reader breath after hitting this with a fact gives them some time to process what they read before they go to the next thing.
  • You don’t have to start automatically off with an example. Introduce your reader to the topic, explain it a little, and let them get to know what you’re talking about before you jump into examples. This is a good way to organize your essay and impress the reader by having a good flow to your work.
  • Don’t have a bad topic. The topic is key to making good work, and if you aren’t too sure on the topic of choice, then that will reflect when you write the project. Make sure the topic is something you want to write and not something you chose because it was easy.
  • Don’t just end your essay. Make sure in the conclusion you sum up everything you talked about. It’s like wrapping a present and topping it off with a nice bow; everything comes together nicely and looks good once you tie to bow.

Take this tips with you when writing you illustration essay. Remember that details and examples are key to have a successful project and make sure the examples you are using are correct and true.

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