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Does God Exist

When we think of the existence of God, we look at the facts and how it could be possible or not but that shouldn’t be the way that you look at it.  With the existence of God, people have the freedom to believe whatever they want and that is find but if you believe you should try to prove non believers wrong, just let them believe what they want and you can believe what you want.  This is why there is such a big debate over his existence because everyone has his or her opinion on the subject.

If you look at it scientifically, it will tell you that there is no way that he exists today.  People see people like agnostic and atheist as bad people because they don’t believe for a fact that God exist.  If you look at the Bible it is a account of what happen back then, it is more of a historical book then it is as book to live by.  If you think about it, if we followed what was said in the Bible, we would all be sinners and would go to Hell as it says in the Bible.

The Bible was actually rules or laws that people wrote about to keep everything under control back then.  This is the only book of rules or laws that haven’t been updated to the changes in society.  Believers see the Bible as a way of living, which is fine but it’s not alright to use it as a way to project their hate onto others.  That is not what the Bible should be known for, if you want to use it as a way to become a better person go for it but don’t use it to project your prejudice on others.

If you want to believe in God and that a higher power is watching over us, that is perfectly fine and if you don’t believe that is okay too.  We hold too much on whether he exist or not, we need to look at ourselves and not rely on his exist to determine how we act.  So if you are a believer don’t try to force it on others and if you don’t believe then don’t force it on believers.  Don’t look down on a person for their beliefs, we are all human beings and shouldn’t be judged on our religious beliefs.

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