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The paper will analyze the concept narcissism, the characteristics of a narcissist and the solutions to this condition. Narcissism is a mental condition in which an individual gets attracted to and obtain satisfaction by observing their image. It is a self-focused disorder in which a person feels separated from others, admires himself, has a high degree of self-importance, and is overconfidence, auto-erotic and an exhibitionist. Narcissists feel that they are unique and are not comparable with others. Narcissism leads to a condition known as Narcissistic Personality Disorder. If anyone else is better than them, the narcissist becomes aggressive, arrogant and provocative. In a normal human growth, during growth, a child passes through a stage of self-preservation and egocentrism. The stage is the Primary Narcissism. During this period, the child the child dedicates all their attention and affection to themselves, and they usually feel that they are the best and cannot stand the perspective of others being better than them.

However, in a normal healthy development, the child deviates from this habit and starts seeing others as better than them. Since every human being has a limited ability to love, they give all their affection to somebody else and are left empty. Therefore, in return the child needs to be loved back. If they do not get the love, they become retrogressive and develop characteristics such as lack of rational conscience, self-centered sexuality, and a noticeable disinterest in others. They also became overly- logical and analytical of every detail. The child does all this in an attempt to gratify themselves as a compensatory mechanism. The condition is called secondary narcissism.

Some scholars believe that narcissism is a self-inflicted as a form of personal admiration. However, they claim that this condition has no any firm foundation. On the other hand, secondary narcissism stems from the lack of love from caregivers. It can be as a result of dictatorial and overly permissive and indulgent parenting styles. Narcissism also affects individuals’ work performance, as they have exaggerated expectations for themselves and also for others.

One of the solutions to this condition is enhancing the connection between the narcissists and other people and especially their competitors. Another solution would be reducing the positivity of the individual so that they understand that they are not always the best. It aids in reducing the level of aggression when they fail.

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