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Expert Advice On How To Conclude An Argumentative Essay

Writing a conclusion is often a challenging task. You are so exhausted by struggling with the main part of your paper that you don’t pay proper attention to a concluding paragraph. As a result, your conclusion is all messed up and clumsy. If you want to leave a good final impression on your reader, conclude your essay properly.

In an argumentative essay, you should represent arguments supporting your position and convince that your point of view is the most reasonable in this situation. Your conclusion is a chance to unite all arguments together and strongly close the issue. Take your time, and develop an impressive final paragraph. Use the following expert advice on how to structure your argumentative essay conclusion and leave a lasting impression on your reader:

  • Structure your conclusion properly.
  • A concluding paragraph consists of three parts:

    • Restatement of your thesis.
    • Be sure to remind your position on the issue in different words.

    • Summary of supporting arguments.
    • Try to sum up key points of your essay clearly and shortly. Do not add any new arguments to your conclusion!

    • Thought-provoking final sentences that stress significance of what was discussed.
  • Use one of the following methods to make your reader think:
    • Ask a question.
    • If you conclude your argumentative essay with a question, you offer a new meaning by uniting all represented arguments and the whole research work together. For example, if you argue for the lower cost of studying in college, the following question may be asked: Is it fair that students from poor families cannot afford being college-educated?

    • Call to action.
    • Challenge your readers by asking them to do something in order to change existing situation. For example, if you oppose the death penalty in your argumentative essay, ask a reader to join a corresponding support group. However, if your paper is devoted to scientific issues, you may ask your reader to conduct further research in the field.

    • Look into the future.
    • Draw a positive picture in words showing what will happen if your position is taken seriously and situation is changed. Or vice versa, you may draw a negative picture as a result of no actions being taken.

Conclusion is very similar to introduction. It should be well-developed and up to the point. It may be tough to include aforementioned suggestions into one concluding paragraph. However, it is worth the effort. If you succeed, your argumentative essay will be a hit.

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