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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a vibrant health care profession primarily concerned with providing people with the remediation of impairments, maintenance, and restoration of maximal physical functional ability to enhance quality of life. The scientific principles of physical therapy have existed from ancient times, dating since the dawn of humankind. In most cases, people assume physical therapy is concerned with rehabilitating people affected by various forms of accidents. However, physical therapy prevents, discovers, and alleviates sensitive mobility dysfunction of anatomic origin.

In the ancient times, physical therapy was used to assist war victims surmount pain resulting from injuries sustained in the course of the war. The Physical Therapists would move the victims’ limbs in specific patterns to enable the muscles get used to doing it. Therefore, most of the diverse methods and techniques used currently in physical therapy are rooted in antiquity. Nevertheless, physical therapy only became a recognized profession after World War 1. Physical therapy was first introduced into the US in 1917 through the office of Surgeon Generals whose aim was to provide medical assistance to the wounded war veterans. Further, the field of physical therapy was boosted when a severe polio outbreak struck the US. At the time, physical therapists played an instrumental role in minimizing the destructive impacts of polio.

A Physical therapists association was first established in 1921, and was referred to as the American Women’s Physical Therapeutic Association. The initial association led by Mary McMillan consisted of 274 members, who were women. Later, in the late 1930s, the association was renamed the American Physiotherapy Association. Furthermore, the association’s membership grew to about 1,000 after men were brought on board. In the early 1940s, the association established its first office in New York City, and it was renamed the American Physical Therapy Association.

Currently, APTA is headquartered in Virginia and has expanded with over 66,000 therapists and students in the entire country. The APTA key goal is to create awareness regarding the role of physical therapists in the health care system, which promotes improvements in the physical therapy education, practice, and research. Currently, more than 132 public and private institutions offer various physical therapy learning syllabuses. Besides, over 136 institutes offer physical therapy associate learning programs in the US.

Finally, physical therapy plays a pertinent role in the contemporary health care systems. The Physical therapists have earned the trust of the people by remediation and improvement of movement, thus contributing to the patients’ quality of life. Physical therapists maintain peoples’ health by keeping them fit and active in many instances. The growth in physical therapy has resulted in its use as the last course of treatment utilized before the patients are released to go back to their normal lives by placing them at Maximum Medical Improvement facilities.

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