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How to write a better essay: improving your academic skills

There are certain things a student can do to improve their essay writing and academic skills. In trying to write a good essay these are some of the things to avoid:

  • Make sure you avoid repetition.
  • Avoid meaningless banality and clichés.
  • Start a vocabulary book.
  • Always check your spelling. Microsoft word is a good aid to correct spelling.
  • Try to write grammatically correct sentences.

The abandonment of the traditional teaching methods, the “three Rs” reading writing and arithmetic and the advance of the computer means that many young people do not have a good level of literacy. This is because they do little actual writing and the result has had a devastating effect on literacy levels even in a first world society like the United States. Writing well requires personal discipline and a will to succeed.

  • Use the literary present when writing your essay.
  • Learn to structure an essay with an introduction a middle and a conclusion.
  • Try to read as many books as you can. The age of videos CDs and game shows is bad for writing talent.
  • Learn to concentrate on what you are doing. Avoid distractions like TV or music.
  • Learn what tenses, grammar and syntax are and how to use them.
  • Don’t confuse singular and plural.
  • Understand which prepositions to use.

The need to be original and to learn how to discipline yourself and enjoy overcoming challenges is central to good essay writing.

  • Read classical essays on different topics.
  • What goes in is what comes out on paper.
  • Develop an interest in current world events.
  • Read a quality newspaper like the New York Times. Get it online.
  • What you take in mentally will come out in your essay writing.
  • This will also help you develop your own writing style.
  • Essays should be balanced and consider different points of view.
  • Builds up your vocabulary. Learn the meaning of words and how to use them.
  • Always have a good dictionary on your desk. Take writing seriously.
  • Use Google to check spelling and word meanings. Use Wikipedia.
  • Try to use a Thesaurus to vary the words you use. Search for alternatives.

Learn to research topics so that you find new ideas and different points of you.

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