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How to Write an Academic Essay: Where to Find Information

A great academic essay has useful information to attract readers. In order to write your essay you need to know where to get your information. While this task is not difficult to achieve, it helps to have a plan to ensure you get the right details your topic needs. You will need to review your options on resources to use for your topic. The good news is they are available in abundance no matter what you decide to write about. It is a matter of using your time wisely and properly analyzing your options before you start your rough draft. The following points offer hints on where to go to find data for your essay topic.

  • Pay attention to essay instructions. There are times your instructor may give ideas on where you can look. This may include certain websites, books and other references to help you get started.

  • Conduct a basic search on the internet. You can type your topic idea in the search engine to get some leads. This may include video content, government websites, publications and more related to your topic. You can make a list to use as reference of final sources you want to use for your research.

  • Libraries. You can search for information at your school library or public library in your neighborhood. The larger the library the more sources available. Talk to the librarian on where to find information for your topic. You can use special databases they have available and utilize reference books and archived articles. Such resources can help you get connected with reliable sources with updated data related to your topic.

  • One-on-one interviews. You can conduct interviews with people related to your subject matter. This can vary from students, peers, professionals and family members. This can help you get more viewpoints for your topic if this is necessary. This option is helpful when you want to include a quote, make a significant point about the topic or you need insight on a personal level to help you write your paper.

  • Scholar journals, research paper databases and magazine publications. Reading material such as those just mentioned can provide different views useful to your topic. These publications may provide information on where else you can go for details such as a web address. They may offer visual insight on statistical data through graphs and tables.

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