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My Successful Life

I am proud of my life. There have been some moments where I felt down, and some choices that I should not have made. However, regrets can only hold you back. People need to realize this in order to move on and progress with their lives.

Today, I am an accomplished veterinarian, an active member of my community, and an overall happy individual. I see this as a success, but I still work very hard to better myself every day. I believe that there is no limit to a person’s potential. I want to keep exploring mine and help others discover the simple ways to be happy.

I grew up in a small town in New Jersey, and there is not much I can say about my childhood. I played with my friends when I was a child. Then, I fought with my parents when I became a teenager, where I was moody and way too emotional. Nothing out of the ordinary happened to me until the day I discovered my vocation. This was not some momentous event that changed my whole life. I did not save a puppy or see an injured kitten and feel that I wanted to dedicate my life to healing animals. This was a conscious decision that I made when working at a local animal shelter. I just felt so good doing it, that I knew being a veterinarian would be the most fulfilling job ever. I have loved animals since I was young, so I believe I always had it in me.

Once I decided what my future career should be, I drew up a plan on how to achieve this goal. I believe that having a goal is essential for success, as one can hardly achieve something without understanding what needs to be done to bring you to the desired result. Thus, I determined the grades that I would need to get into the school that I wanted to attend, and the amount of money I would be required to pay for my living expenses and classes. After this, I worked with everything I had to achieve these goals. Never once did I think of giving up, even when the universe seemed to conspire against me.

I do not regret anything I did, even if there were some mistakes. Every little thing made me the person that I am today, and I am proud to be this person. My main ambition now is to start a family and teach my children how to truly be happy while accepting everything life throws their way.

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