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A List Of Winning Discursive Essay Topics For College

There is a theoretical and analytical capacity that is normally expected of college students that you have to portray when it comes to writing a discursive essay. At this level it is expected that you already know some simple tips such as how to select a good topic for your work. You are not just choosing any topic, you are out to get a killer title. You are out to make sure that whoever is going to read your discursive essay is surely going to have a field time because your work is the best there is so far.

For your discursive essay, it is always a good thing to emphasize on the need for research. A lot of students assume that research is only necessary when you are building the body of your paper. However, this is not entirely true. From the moment you start looking for a good title for your work, it will be necessary to ensure that you do some serious digging. Otherwise you will end up presenting a discursive essay whose topic your teacher will assume to have been stolen or copied from elsewhere.

The following are some brilliant ideas that you can front when you are looking to write a winning discursive essay in college:

  • Discuss the benefits that are associated with home schooling
  • Standardized tests are not the best way to deal with educational challenges. Discuss
  • Discuss the impact of the internet on the brains of young kids today
  • Governments all over the world make attempts to control access to information on the internet by their citizens for the good of the entire country. Discuss the ethical boundaries that are crossed when this happens
  • Medical marijuana is continually being accepted into the society. Explain some of the challenges that are associated with this phenomenon
  • Write a discursive essay on which one the better is between aerobics and weight training
  • Discuss how common sleep disorders interfere with the normal life cycle, and propose means of dealing with some of the disorders that you will have mentioned
  • Explain how important it is for individuals to use low carbohydrate diets instead of low fat diets
  • With the propagation and spread of the internet, discuss some of the challenges that users get with respect to looking for reliable information online about health issues such as cancer, obesity and other lifestyle diseases

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