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How To Compose A Great College Essay About Happiness

Since instructors are getting tired of reading the same old cliche essays, they have become more creative with their assignments. It is becoming more common to see interesting topics about emotions, experiences, and technology. If you have been given the task of writing about a topic like happiness, here are some tips to help you craft a fantastic paper that will help you earn a top grade:

  1. Write a clever introduction. Most essays do not give students the opportunity to be creative. This means that the one place students can add personality to their papers is the introduction. Instead of simply writing something like the definition of happiness, you can tell a story, or find a fascinating quote from an unlikely source. Be creative and draw the read in right from the state.
  2. Write an unusual thesis. Instructors have seen the same thesis statements over and over. They are usually rather obvious and the rest of the paper tends to be, too. Write an unusual thesis, maybe even approaching the idea that happiness does not even exist. That would surprise an instructor.
  3. Keep your body paragraphs on topic. These need to be flawless. They should have topic sentences that always refer back to the thesis and the information that you use to support those topic sentences needs to be thoroughly researched. Since happiness is a topic that everyone has their own opinions of, it is a good idea to get some expert information about - from behavioral scientists, church employees, and brain researchers.
  4. Conclude powerfully. In order to drive your thoughts about happiness home at the end, craft a thorough conclusion. Be sure it reconnects with the thesis and the introductory technique that you used. Everything should be tied up at the end, so questions are left unanswered.
  5. Edit and revise. Before you submit the essay, print a copy or publish a copy on a website so you can see what it looks like completed. Then, you read through it very carefully and preferably aloud so you can see and hear any mistakes that you may have made. You will also be able to fill in any blanks or take out any overused ideas that overburden the essay. If you have to turn in the essay online, be sure to look for any problems your computer identifies. Nothing is more irritating to a teacher than when students are alerted to mistakes and still fail to correct them.
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