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Persuasive Essay Topics For School

A persuasive essay is a way to convince the reader that you are right. You’re not necessarily attacking an opponent, like you would in an argument, but you also want the reader to come out of it thinking, ‘yeah, he’s onto something here.’ However, it can be hard coming up with topics, so here are a few ideas that you can use to find the one for you.

A Law Unto Yourself

There are a plethora of silly laws out there, or even proper laws that you disagree with. Your argument could be that we need to update our lists of laws so we don’t have to worry about being jailed for kissing on a Sunday or eating ice-cream in a park. Perhaps you have an issue with the death penalty, or you want to legalize drugs. Whatever it is, pick a law and write your essay.

It’s The Economy, Stupid

Plenty to get into here, whether it’s about the Great Recession, the impact of the one-percent, the role of multi-national corporations or even the ethical right to tax.

Kids These Days

Everyone loves going on about the next generation, and how they’re totally messing up. Take an objective look at Millennials and compare them to others, especially those pesky Baby Boomers with their good retirement packages and their socialised healthcare.

Guns Don’t Kill People

Are you pro-gun? Anti-gun? Pro anti-gun? Whatever you are, this one is a great divisive issue that you can frame your essay around. Take a look at the NRA, the death rates, the impacts of widely accessible firearms, compare all this to European nations and see the differences.

This Is a Man’s World

Feminism is a big issue these days. A lot of women are taking to the internet to voice their opinions. So get on board and join in. Do we need feminism? What has it done for society? Where is it going next?

Rest In Peace

Euthanasia is a growing topic in modern society. When is it right to end a life? When is it wrong? What about abortion? Should there be limits? Should it be allowed at all? And then of course the big question, what happens when we die? So many interesting topics to discuss, so little time. So get thinking, get picking, and get writing.

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