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The Relevance Of Magna Carta In Today's Society

The year 2015 is the first time in 800 year since the writing of the Magna Carta that all four copies of the document will be together for one day of pageantry celebration. This celebration is to commemorate the document, which is seen across Western nations as the one document that symbolizes democracy for all.

The reason for this is because in the early days of government, lands we ruled by kings and within the royal ranks, barons often disputed with rulers who were rewarded their place in the throne over inheriting it. Here we look at what conditions caused the creation of the document and it's relevance today.

The Modern Magna Carta

It's been said quite recently, that since the turn of the century, British government has made some efforts to override the value of the Magna Carta's 39th clause with holding prisoners in Guantanamo Bay as early as prime minister Tony Blair. The new prime minister Cameron has also held his share of the same type of accusations but the fact is that since the creation and enforcement of the document, it's never fully been enforced as it was intended.

Why Was It Created?

As stated earlier, the rule of kings was rewarded rather than inherited for 150 years prior to the year 1215. That was seven Norman kings, who were more French descent than English. The barons were generally given land and other things of value so that they would remain loyal to these kings, which had been going on for a long time. Specifically, in Runnymede in Surrey, England, during the reign of King John, the barons forced him to sign a charter that would limit the power of kings over them.

Hardly Taken Seriously

Since the charter was signed, rulers who followed ignored the document which resulted in wars and eventually became obsolete as well as specific to the protections of the Catholic church and giving tax breaks to the wealthy, which was originally reserved for those medieval barons. To this day it is referred to as a guideline but nothing more, even resulting in silly conspiracies and references to the music industry.


The 800th anniversary which commemorates the document will certainly be one of many celebrations which take place year round for England. And though the occasion is more of a nod to what monarchies have considered a burden, it's history is still intact to preserve real meaning to the Western world.

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