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Essay Writing Tips: Steer Clear Of Jargon And Slang

Writing any essay can be stressful. Advice is usually to write your essay in your Natural Voice and Natural Language. This is difficult because generally people use an different voice and a different language for different situations.

Do we have just one Natural Voice and One Natural Language

If you think about the language you use to talk to your parents or friends compared to the language you use in work it differs. If you were to use the language you used in work to your family or friends they may feel that you are talking down to them.

Think also about the language that children use in the classroom compared to the language they use in the playground . Its different. And again think how their language changes when they are talking to their parents.

Street Language

This could be describes as slang. We are all guilty of using slang at some point. In fact there are several words that have their roots as ‘slang’ have now been added to the Oxford English Dictionary, as they are used on an everyday basis by most people.

Possibly, the best way to think about the term ‘slang’ is by taking the meaning to be ‘informal language’. If you are not sure if the language or rather the ‘term’ that you want to use is slang or not, you can look it up on the internet. There are several web sites that are dedicated to defining ‘slang’ terms.


Use of ‘slang’ in an essay makes the reader feel that you cannot be bothered to write in a manner fitting a college student.

If you cannot be bothered to write an essay that is ‘slang and jargon’ free, how are you going to cope with writing as an academic?

Natural Language

Do not make your essay sound as if you have swallowed the Thesaurus. If you do, you may end up using very cumbersome terms that you don’t normally use. This may mean than in your writing you are using language that does not truly do you any favors, as you may be using the term or word out of the context in which it was meant. This will not help your cause as your work will neither flow nor make sense.

Your aim is for the reader to understand and enjoy reading your work.

Make your essay interesting, but for the ‘write’ reasons.

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