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20 good topics for descriptive essays: pick one and start writing

One of the biggest challenges that students face when it comes to writing an essay, no matter the type of essay, is just picking a topic and writing. Finding the right topic is not going to happen overnight, and yet some students think that just because they are thinking about their assignment, a topic will come. This is not always the case. Sometimes you need a little extra push or a bit of imagination.

If you are having difficult picking a descriptive writing topic consider the ideas below. Remember that these ideas should serve only as a base from which you jump to an idea you like the most:

  1. Describe a waiting room you have had to sit in once
  2. Describe a baseball glove you own or a basketball
  3. Describe a cell phone you once had
  4. Describe something that you own which you treasure
  5. Describe a laptop you have
  6. Describe your favorite place to eat
  7. Describe your dream home
  8. Describe a roommate you would really get along with
  9. Describe a closet in your home
  10. Describe a room that is unusual
  11. Describe a bowl of fruit
  12. Describe a vase you saw once with flowers in it
  13. Describe a hiding place you had as a child
  14. Describe your memory of a place you once visited as a child
  15. Describe a subway
  16. Describe an accident you saw
  17. Describe something you once left in your refrigerator for far too long
  18. Describe a concert you attended
  19. Describe a bathroom you saw at a gas station
  20. Describe a street you often travel on foot

Of course, these are meant only as a guide. You can pick one of these twenty descriptive essay topics and just start writing, or you can use them as the foundation from which you free write and brainstorm until you find something that is really interesting to you. This is sure to land you with a topic that you really love and want to write about for days on end. Remember that when you are tasked with descriptive writing, your job is to pay close attention to all of the details. This begins by observing the subject in a close fashion and determining which of the many details are the most important.

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