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How to Write Persuasive Essay: Where to Get Free Examples?

A persuasive essay is basically an essay which is written to convince someone about something you are passionate about (or something you are forced to be passionate about). It can be assigned or written about anything in particular:

  • Convince your boss to give you a raise
  • Voice your opinion on gender issues
  • Discuss the death penalty

Persuasive essays have always been assigned as important factors in determining how well a candidate can perform when given an argument to counter. This article will tell you where you can look for sample persuasive essays and how they can help you at the end of the day.


What you can find in the library may astound you to an extent. There are sample essays compiled and published by many publishers; you just didn’t know about this early enough to go through them before writing on of your own. This is not a joke. Most schools and universities do have reference sections in the library with many sample essays that you can go through before you make up your mind on what to write on. When you have a better idea, you can go right ahead and start planning your essay.


The heads of classrooms always keep the best essays of the class as copies for their own reference. You can approach these people and ask for a copy of these essays so that you can read them and see what exactly is required of you when you write one of your own. You just need to have good people’s skills to be able to convince them to show you those essays.


This is the most resourceful database available to the whole world, as long as they’re connected to it. You can see all kinds of examples online, whether good or bad. Using these examples, you can conclude what is required of you and what should be avoided at any cost.

When you’ve done your research and looked through enough sources of essays, you may just be ready to write one of your own. Just be careful though; you don’t want to rush into things so start planning well before the deadline. Make a decent plan and keep going back to your teacher/professor sporadically in order to get feedback at whichever stage you’re on. Enjoy the writing experience; there’s a lot more where that came from

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