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Main academic issues: how to write an essay introduction?

The introduction to an essay is the most important element in an essay. It is the part that catches the reader, or the audience’s, attention and makes them want to read or hear more. The introduction is the essence of the essay and sets the tone for the rest of the essay. The last thing you want is a flat, boring tone. Do not be afraid to use a fact of interest, a provocative question, or even a short narrative to gain the audience's attention. All of these can help set the tone and essence of the essay.

A good introduction can make all the difference in the world and if your reader is able to continue following along with the essay. Keeping that in mind, you have to question what your topic will be and what research will need to be done in order to achieve that perfect introduction. There are many resources available to aid students in finding the perfect opening sentences followed by the entertaining introduction paragraph.

Make sure to immediately jump into the issue at hand after the opening sentence. This keeps the audience, or reader, from losing attention in the essay. If you are writing an essay on how to do gardening, make sure you immediately get to the root, pun intended, of the essay. You do not want to lose the confidence, essence, or tone of the essay. Give them an interesting fact about how doing gardening would not only be enjoyable to catch their attention, but keep their attention on why doing gardening is interesting, fun or enjoyable.

Short essays do not require a long introduction does not have to be very long. Catching their attention with that one phrase and getting into the point of the essay will not take as long. For longer essays, the introduction should be an overview of what you will cover in your essay. Let’s look at some examples of good introduction lines and bad ones.

BAD: “I like gardening.”

GOOD: “Gardening can open you up to a wide variety of plants; Did you know there are several different types of plants ranging from fruit and vegetables, herbs, weeds, and even flowers that all have a specific amount of sunlight needed; some have to be in the shade mostly while others need full sunlight in order to grow properly.”

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