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Keystones on how to write an introduction for an essay

This is the ground where you can sow the seeds of interest in the mind of the reader. Introduction is that door from which the reader enters your imagination and is willing to be captivated or disappointed. What the reader will experience will be in your hand so make wise decisions about what you are about to introduce to the reader. If you mess it up them, it’s likely that the reader will not continue reading your essay or your instructor will deduct marks.

Introduction is highly essential for the writer to get right. This is because the introduction is designed for the purpose of getting a hold of the reader’s attention.

Here are a few ways how you can succeed in this purpose.

Get hold of the reader’s concentration and hold it tight.

Begin your writing with information that is authentic and startling. Its ok it isn’t absolutely new to your readers. Just create a base for yourself. Once you have provided the reader the information then add a few sentences of elaboration.

Include a story that can give a perfect imagery of the point you are making. This is also termed as “anecdote”. It needs to be relevant to your topic. This will make the most effective opening of your essay but be careful not to get unrealistic or over exaggerated.

Now bring in some dialogues. The identification of the speaker's is not important. Just keep a firm focus on having your idea be understood. Don’t add in too many dialogues, 2-3 exchanges can easily do the job. Again, add elaboration after you have mentioned each dialogue.

In the end of your introduction, summarize the entire of your idea in general terms. This will help the reader in understanding and anticipating what they will read further on.

There should be a reasonable amount of sentences that play the role of attention grabbing. Don’t limit these sentences to just 2 or 3, Add a few more if you can.

In the end read your introduction and see if it does the following:

  • The reader’s level of interest goes skyrocketing
  • It should emphasize on the scope and direction of your topic.
  • Your approach and interpretation should be reflected in it
  • The main issue should be in main focus
  • There needs to be an indication towards your conclusion and your point of view.

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