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You Should Practice Writing Essays To Get Excellent Grades

One of the best ways to ensure you get excellent grades is to practice essay writing. How can this be done? By writing as many essays as you can on your own. Use the assignments to your advantage and even try practice essays online. This will boost your confidence in your writing abilities. After all: practice does make perfect even when it comes to writing.

There are tons of types of essays that you could write or that someone may decide to have you write. Learning each one is important and if you know what needs to be included in each should help save you some time and a lot of stress. One type of academic essay that you may have to write is the exploratory essay which is about a specific topic. You explore that topic in any way that you can and try to keep the end in mind right from the beginning. You may not even know how you feel about the project before you start doing all of the research and get really deep into it. The entire purpose of this is to figure out a topic by doing a meta analysis of multiple writers. The difference is that one looks at a wide variety of things and one looks at specific authors one at a time.

Another thing to not is that the focus here is answering a question and not explaining a thesis. This is different than many types of essays. There are two primary strategies that are used to come up with an exploratory essay. There is a process here that requires immediate action. The other is looking back and primarily comes with essays designed to be somewhat artistic. They often consider the weaknesses and the strengths of the different solutions that they look at to some problem that some may consider mystifying. These essays create a two sided argument in which both sides are looked at equally until a good solution that satisfies both jumps out at the writer and then becomes the core focus of the essay.

  • Write something about what happens to the body when taking tobacco
  • Write about how computer viruses spread and how they affect computers like biological systems
  • Write about life as a Buddhist Monk or something similar
  • Write about the Darfur conflict and its origins.

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