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Finding Essay Samples Written by Real Students

One of the best ways to improve your writing skills is to look in detail at examples of other essays written by real students. And a straightaway we need to understand what is meant by the expression real students. The Internet is alive with essay writing services where, for a fee, you can purchase an essay written by a so-called expert. It would take a completely different blog or article to talk about why some of these samples are excellent and some are rubbish. In this case we are looking for essay examples as written by real students.

Real students are just that. They are not academics or professional writers or freelancers who provide an essay writing service. Real students are students just like you. The reason why their contribution is important is because they will have faced the same sorts of problems you face in creating a particular essay and they will have basically the same training and experience as you have had.

Where can you find these essay samples?

  • Simply by asking around amongst your fellow students.
  • Asking your teacher or professor for any samples they had kept.
  • Looking through your school or college library for samples of essays.
  • Going online to read essays written by other students like you.

As a student you will have written a number of essays throughout your school and college days. So will other students in your high school or college. Ask if you can read one or more of their essays. Explain that you simply want to see how other students go about the task and that you are willing to let them read your essays in return.

There are many teachers who keep a copy of essays written by some of their students because such essays make wonderful teaching samples. They stick to the point, they follow the requirements of the format, they run to the correct number of words and they have received a very high mark because they are well written. By being able to read these essays you give yourself an opportunity to pick up many tips and ideas.

Your school or college library may have samples of essays written down the years. Again these are easy to access and more importantly there is no charge for you to read them.

And finally there is always the opportunity to go online to read essay samples. Of course you may not be certain that students actually created these essays but often there is a guarantee from the school or college concerned.

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