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Is The American Dream Changing?


The American dream is changing. In the past few decades, the American dream has totally taken a turn from what it initially use to be. The idea of having an American dream originated when the early days of American settlement had begun. There were mostly immigrants who had no money or belongings to sell and were trying to look for new opportunities. These immigrants were also searching for religious freedom; therefore they had come to America. Thus, the American dream, suggested by the Founding Fathers, which was based on those men who believed that the people had the rights to liberty, pursuit of happiness and life. The dream aimed to create a country which would be based on breaking away from the class restrictions and pursue with life according to their own choices.


The American dream transformed with time. It started to change and slowly evolve into aims such as equality and improving status. These changes were inevitable because with time there was advancement in the world in technology and society. Globalization was spreading and influencing the people. Thus, it started to change the dream. As the society continues to advance and grow, competition and standard also grows.

The American Dream today as compared to the American dream in the 1930s has changed dramatically due to the factors stated above. Today, the dream aims to improve quality of life by for instance, working for fewer hours and reducing the stress. Previously, the dream aimed to build the Americans with least sharing. Today, the dream aims to increase the sharing practices of the Americans and increase learning about the concept of sharing economy. As advancement in the society and technology continues to grow, the Americans dream to live a way of life with major changes such as reducing consumption, because the consumption levels are a massive reason for the global environmental problems. Moreover, previously, Americans tried to increase commercialization but with time they realized that the advertisements were not suitable for all. Today, about three-quarters of the Americans aim to place limits on advertising, so the children are not negatively influenced.


Thus, the American Dream has evolved and will continue to evolve because of the advancement in technology, changes in the society and lifestyle and increased knowledge and awareness of every issue. It transformed from basic needs of the Americans to status and lifestyle changes. As the advancement continues, the American Dream might keep changing, and head towards are positive effect.

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