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Hints on Academic Papers Writing: how to Be Concise and Clear

When you set out to finish your writing project you have to learn how to say “no”. If you planned to work on your research all Tuesday night at the library, do not accept an invitation from a friend to go out to the student forum or to visit the football game. They might seem great and, after all, they are singular events that won’t happen again, but you made a plan and in order to meet your academic deadlines you need to stick with that plan. In addition, don’t agree to lend your truck to every friend or acquaintance you know who is moving. Compromise. Let them drive your truck after they drop you off at the library for a few hours or just say “no”. You cannot help everyone and still adhere to your work schedule. Remember, you should not feel guilty for not being able to help every student on campus.

If you are struggling to say “no” or to budget your time properly try and divide your tasks. Place the things that have an upcoming deadline as an urgent task, and those that are important but not due until after the urgent task as an “important task”. The important tasks still need to get done, but they can be done after the urgent task. Organize your writing time so that you can minimize the number of important tasks converting themselves into urgent tasks. By working a little bit at a time on important tasks, you can prevent them all from becoming urgent tasks that require your utmost attention.

  • When nothing else seems to work, just set aside five minutes per day to start. Use five minutes in between classes or while you are waiting for your chicken to finish roasting to work on your project. Sometimes, the most challenging aspect of writing a paper is not finding large blocks of time to work on it, but just starting to work on it at all. Chances are, once you start working on it even for a few minutes per day, you will find that it becomes a habit, and an easy one at that. You will start to keep in touch with your thesis and the arguments you are forming every day, which will make it much easier to sit down and work for longer periods of time.
  • Remember that writing a paper is a process and an opportunity for you to learn how to improve your research and writing skills, but also to build self-trust and time management skills.

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