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How to write a strong body paragraph for an essay

It is quite hard to determine, which part of the paper is the most important. The introduction will created the first image of your paper and influence the mood it will be read with, the conclusion will leave the reader with the thoughts about it and will decide how the reader will remember your paper. However, the main body is where all the information is presented. It gives you the best possibility to display your writing skills and the knowledge of the topic. When you need to treat writing of each part responsively, your main attention shall be focused on the main body.

4 tips for writing strong body paragraphs.

  1. Keep the length of the paragraphs similar. It is not quite correct to make one paragraph 3 lines and the next 10 lines. Keep each paragraph to 5-7 lines and do not allow yourself to add or remove anything, even if you want to. Equal paragraphs will not only make your essay look better, but also help the reader perceive the information easier.

  2. Connect each paragraph to your statement or topic. Make sure you do not distract too much from the initial topic and that this exact paragraph is following the basic requirements. If you have a long paper, it is sometimes hard to keep track, but if you will pay attention to each paragraph, while you writer it, you will never have any problems.

  3. Include connection sentences between paragraphs. Each paragraph shall be connected not only to the topic or thesis statement, but to the previous paragraph as well. You can not simply jump from thought to thought because you have started a new paragraph. Again, it is much easier to pay attention to this from the very beginning, than to rewrite half of the essay later.

  4. Make sure there is a connection between sentences in paragraph itself. You shall not only question the connection between the paragraphs, but the smooth flow of the paragraph itself, otherwise your paper will not read well too. You need to follow it sentence by sentece. Try not to stop writing in the middle of a thought and finish it first – it will be quite hard to recall what you were thinking about.

Remember, writing good body paragraphs will be your true key to success. After you learn how to do it, you will never have any problems with writing the good papers. After all, your paragraphs are the bricks for the whole paper and you shall know how to combine them correctly.

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