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A Quick Guide on How to Write a Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay is its own type of essay. It differs from others and though it is similar to an argumentative essay it has its own peculiar traits. Here’s our quick guide on how to write that essay.

  • Have a Great Idea
  • Brainstorm
  • Plan
  • Write
  • Revise

Have a Great Idea

The best persuasive essays are the ones that have a great idea as their premise. Try not to have a weak point like why you love dogs over cats. Instead, go for something gutsy like the death penalty, abortion, suicide or homosexuality. Go for an idea that’s going to stir people and raise hairs, as these ones are the ones that are most important.


Once you have your idea, get to brainstorming. Make a spider diagram of all the points you could talk about. For instance, if you’re going for the death penalty, flesh out ideas such as the chemicals they use, the different methods, the ethics of state sanctioned killing and the risk of putting an innocent man or woman to death.


Once you have your brainstorming done, get to planning. This is different from your brainstorm as now you’re putting those ideas in order. A good plan is the backbone to a good essay and will keep you from veering off track. You want to make sure you can go back to your plan when you get lost or disheartened. So make it good.


Get to writing. Put it all down on the page and don’t stop until you come to the end. Give yourself a deadline and little goals to reach. Reward yourself when you hit certain marks, like your first few hundred words or after you write down a specific idea. The thing to remember about persuasive essays is you’re simply outlining an issue. You don’t have to convince anyone it’s right or wrong, just talk about it in a neutral, unbiased, objective manner.


After you’ve written it all down, revise. Edit or get a friend to help you. Read it out loud and see o you trip over any awkward sentences. Make sure you’ve used the right words and that you don’t waffle. Does your argument make sense? Have you been factual? Well then, you’ve written a persuasive essay.

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