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Choosing Catchy Cause And Effect Essay Topics For Elementary School

Learning how to write usually starts in elementary school, often between the fourth and sixth grades. At this point, children have acquired both the language skills, and the critical thinking skills, to begin writing basic essays for class. One of the main types of writing that children learn at this age is how to write a cause and effect essay. This type of paper both develops writing skills, and helps teach children how to think logically in terms of causes and effects. In many cases, children will have a fairly wide degree of freedom in what topic they’re able to choose. In this stage of education, the writing itself is often more important than writing about a certain type of subject matter. What’s important is that the paper examines how certain causes can lead to certain effects. There’s a wide variety of possible topics for these types of writing assignments, but here are some general tips for how to help your child choose a topic.

  • Work within the teacher’s instructions. Most papers for elementary schoolers will be written for English or Language Arts class, rather than for a subject like science or history. However, the teacher might impose some general constraints on what the students are allowed to write about. Any such instructions should be kept in mind.

  • Choose a topic the child is interested in. Writing is easier if your child enjoys it, so it’s important to choose a topic that they’re actually interested in. In many cases, this doesn’t necessarily even have to be a traditionally “academic” topic. If your child loves soccer, surfing, gardening, fantasy novels, or almost anything else, you can help them come up with a suitable cause and effect essay topic based on it.

  • Make sure your child understands. It’s easy for adults to get carried away when helping their children with schoolwork. A topic might sound great to you, but be somewhat beyond your child’s developmental ability to really understand. Some controversial sociopolitical topics, for example, might be a bit “beyond” a ten-year-old’s understanding. However, there are plenty of topics that are age-appropriate, especially for comparatively bright students.

  • Let you child write the paper on their own. It’s fine to help your child proofread and edit their paper, but don’t stand over their shoulder as they write it. Making mistakes is a big part of the learning process, and it’s okay if their first draft contains grammar and spelling errors. They’ll learn a lot through the drafting process if they do it on their own.

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